Greetings, from Ella

I’m sure at this point in time I’m talking to a grand total of two people (my mom and my Nana). But, I will write on because that’s what I do. You’re probably wondering: “Ella, why are you writing yet another blog and infesting our Twitter and Facebook feeds?” Well, your answer is that I am using this platform to simply talk. And maybe help some people along the way as I do what I love most: write. I won’t be getting paid per view for this blog and that in itself will detract from the anxiety I feel when pressing share on any of my latest articles on any of the three other publications for which I write.

Moreover, I’m starting this on New Year’s Eve. And I have decided to make my New Year’s resolution attainable this year. I want to write and put it all out there at least once a week on here. It’s also on my bucket list to start a blog solely for me and keep it running.

So, welcome to the ride that will be Ella Talks (To The Internet) I hope you’re down for some rambling.