The 365 Days of Fear Challenge

I recently watched the movie Julie & Julia and was inspired myself by Julie Powell’s journey throughout her year-long blog. I have always wanted to dedicate myself to a blog for a long-term amount of time and have decided that this is the right time and reason to do so, finally.

I have put my mind to dictating something I did each day that scared me. I rarely ever leave my comfort zone and this has become evident in my life at college. I have fallen into the routine of slipping into the background and perhaps by putting myself out there every day (whether it be small or large) I can change this. And in turn inspire others to put themselves out there as well. To help me accomplish this feat I got a little journal called “Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You”. This will be mainly for the days when I’m at a loss of what scares me and is manageable.

So buckle in, it’s gonna be a bumpy, fear-filled ride.



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