365 Days of Fear: Day 4

Today was a typical day for me this wonderful J-Term. I woke up before the sun, spent a day with a bunch of high schoolers (always delightful, I’m not being sarcastic either), and came home and watched Netflix. I spent the day making a list of possible “fears” I could conquer on my year-long journey and I came up with quite an extensive one, but certainly not 365 days of ideas. That’s why I have my wonderful Mom around.

You see, I have been shadowing at a high school for the past week and a half and one of my mom’s friends has the same lunch hour as me and has been joking with me that I should bring treats for their “Treat Tuesday”. The word got to my mom and she was determined for me to do my part, even if they were joking. But, she told me she would not help me make my desired treat. So, of course, I chose the easiest thing that came to mind: Chocolate Chip Cookies!

I have never been partial for the kitchen (besides my phase of wanting to own a restaurant with my cousin, Elise). And I will be the first to admit that the oven straight up scares me. So when my mom said she wouldn’t help I panicked and automatically thought that my cookies would turn out to be absolute crap (they are in the oven the moment I am typing this so I still have that thought in the back of my mind…).

So today I decided I would face my fear of the kitchen and the work that goes into baking and cooking. As I followed the steps I was surprised at how easy it was. I even cracked the eggs all by myself! (Something an 18 year old should not be excited about I admit) I even took some pictures of the process for your viewing pleasure:

My dutiful ingredients
My batter, that did indeed seem edible (it was, for the record)





It seems that working  (washing dishes) in a kitchen for two years has paid off

As smoothly as things began, the baking process didn’t seem to follow suit. Twelve minutes in the cookies looked just about the same as they do in the picture above, just a little less dough-y. Although they did smell wonderful. As the extra time I added dwindled down I could see through the oven door that they were, indeed, spreading out and resembling the chocolate chip cookies I know and love.

But as the cookies came out they still looked like little blobs…just harder. But they were edible and with a little chocolate peppermint ganache they were actually very good (not to toot my own horn). I give this day of fear an A for effort!


Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 7.13.22 PM.png
“Ella’s A for Effort Cookies”

4 days down, 361 days to go!


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