365 Days of Fear: Day 5

Remember those cookies I was writing about? Well I was extremely anxious to bring them into school for Treat Tuesday as I figured all the people in the teacher’s lounge had experience baking and would laugh when they saw my disfigured attempt of a chocolate chip cookie. I hate to admit it, but I lost some sleep worrying over it as well and it occupied my thoughts for the greater part of the day leading up to lunch.

I know, I know, why would I be nervous about bringing cookies to a lunch where those in question are happy with leftover Oreos? Well, I don’t even have the answer for that one, but I’m sure my good old pal anxiety does. Who knows why I chose to latch onto the cookies, or why  I have to latch onto anything in the first place. But, I suppose that is the sole reason as to why I took up this challenge in the first place. To face the fears that should not exist in the first place head on.

Getting back to the cookies. I brought them to school (with some beer bread in case I chickened out) and had them sit dauntingly behind my desk until we were able to eat at 11:50 this morning. I grabbed them with almost shaky hands and was assured by my cooperating teacher that the crowd I was presenting them to is not picky in the slightest. Of course, this helped…but only for about five minutes.

When I finally set the pan down on the table I heard gratitude resounding from around the room and a few people grabbed some. I was worried at first–no one was taking any cookies I would have to return home with a pan full of cookie ball things. But as the lunch hour progressed more and more people began to take them, and even take seconds.

Even though this fear was quite trivial, I am proud that I was able to overcome it. Because trust me, I came up with plenty of scenarios to get out of bringing them.

So this is my advice to you: just give the people their cookies, you can do it.

5 days down, 360 to go!


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