365 Days of Fear: Day 6

Today I was lucky enough to receive a snow day (my second one–and I’m in college!). I definitely chose the right two weeks to shadow at a high school, let me tell you. Not only did I get two snow days, but I have been able to apply for multiple scholarships and learn more about a profession I am positive I will be in one day.

So, waking up on my snow day I was unsure as to what I could do that scared me. I wasn’t leaving the house today so I couldn’t do the “go eat at a restaurant alone” or “go to a movie alone” ones. I couldn’t leave my house without a layer of foundation simply because I wouldn’t be stepping foot out of my humble abode. So, I consulted the list I put together yesterday of things I can do during this challenge when I’m feeling stuck (another perk of shadowing at this point in the school year, plenty of free time during finals). One stuck out that I would be able to achieve in the comfort of my sweats: paint my nails a color I normally wouldn’t wear.

I suppose this doesn’t sound very challenging or fear-inducing, but I normally do not wear nail polish in general so wearing and outlandish color would make it even more noticeable. It’s not that I don’t enjoy nail polish, it’s that it frustrates me. I always smudge it or miss a spot. I have even somehow managed to mess my nails up while getting done by a professional. So, I enlisted my younger sister to help me out with this one (surely, she would be better than I at painting nails). This did not turn out to be my smartest idea of the challenge thus far. See, my sister had just returned home from an eye appointment at which she got her eyes dilated. She could barely see anything clearly–especially something as small as a fingernail. But, she pushed forward and refused to let anyone else be the one to paint my nails. By the time she was done they looked…interesting to say the least. Luckily my mom was there to “touch them up” (aka cover up everything Celia did) and they didn’t turn out half-bad.

Now, tomorrow will be the true test of fear I suppose. As I am actually leaving the comfort of my own home to face high schoolers with my outlandish bubblegum pink nails.

6 days down, 359 to go!


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