365 Days of Fear: Day 7

Holy cannoli it’s been a week! It’s crazy how fast the days go by when you’re not paying attention (jeez Ella can you get any more cliche?). Today was so busy for me, even though I got to go home early from shadowing because I had to work until 6. And then my sister and I continued our obsession with Japanese reality shows after I got home so I was preoccupied with that and forgot to write my day of fear until now.

But I did accomplish it! Today at work, I work for a catering company, I was setting up for an event (grabbing all the materials needed so they would be ready) and realized we didn’t have enough plates. I knew that there were some in the creepy back room, but I hate going there alone and never go unless I’m asked. So today I decided to venture to the ominous back room by myself to see if there were any plates back there.

The hallway leading to the room is creepy in itself. Long, white walls, cement floor, with random boards leaning against the wall. It has one lightbulb that illuminates the entire path. Creepy, to say the least. As I reached the back room I could feel my heart flutter a little bit and irrational thoughts began flooding into my head. What if there’s a serial killer? Or even worse…a clown?

I turned on the flashlight app on my phone to ease the nerves and wandered around the back room for a while. Lo and behold the plates were not there, but I did achieve one thing on my trip into the above-ground dungeon: I no longer feared going back there alone. And isn’t that what this challenge is all about?

7 days down, 358 days to go!


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