365 Days of Fear: Day 8

I honestly cannot believe my shadowing experience has already come to an end. I went into skeptical that I would enjoy something that forced me to wake up before the sun and stay at work until the sun had already set. But, much to my happiness it turned out that I immensely enjoyed my time shadowing my cooperating teacher. She showed me all the ugly things about teaching and how one can still thrive in the position. I am so grateful that I was given this opportunity.

Because today was a teacher workday I spent much of the day minding my own business, that is until we went out to lunch. Normally I would hunker down next to my cooperating teacher in the staff lounge for lunch. But today about ten of the staff at the high school decided to go out to eat. I enthusiastically agreed–that meant I didn’t have to pack a lunch! But as we got to the restaurant and we were jockeying for a position at the large table my cooperating teacher left to use the restroom. This ended in my being surrounded by teachers I knew surface-level at best. This is not a position I hoped I would find myself in, and I was very afraid of it. I’m horrible at small talk and feel incompetent talking about teacher stuff. How was I going to survive what would be at least an hour lunch?

But, I did not let myself make the move to jump into the open seat next to my cooperating teacher. I forced myself to stay put and weather the storm. And lo and behold it was another great experience to add to the list of shadowing at this particular high school. They welcomed me and included me in conversations. I got to know them better–I now know things that I never thought I would about these people. And that’s not something to complain about.

Getting out of my comfort zone has never been more fun. See where your next lunch takes you and report back! 😉

8 days down, 357 to go!


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