365 Days of Fear: Day 9

I got to spend the majority of today working for the catering company I’ve been with for almost two years now. In the beginning I dreaded going to work–I very much disliked being the new girl. But as the time passed and I got to know my ever-rotating coworkers more and more I actually began to miss the “catering crew” when I wasn’t working.

In the past two-ish years I have worn nearly the same thing to work every day. A pair of jeans (my designated work ones), a dark tshirt, and my worn out blue Nikes. Eventually I added on a Catering By Design hat as well. I never switched up my outfit in fear that something bad would come of it. Now, there really isn’t a dress code at this catering company. Pretty much just wear what you can cook and do dishes in for hours (and isn’t offensive/revealing). I had seen other people wear leggings and capris to work but had not yet mustered up the courage to wear something new–that is, until today.

Today I had my jeans in my hand but noticed my yoga pants sticking out of my (clean) laundry basket. And I thought to myself: “if my coworkers are wearing them, why can’t I?”. And on a whim I threw my jeans back into the basket and plucked out my yoga pants. And let me tell you, it has made a world of difference for my comfort at work. I won’t be wearing leggings or yoga pants in an act of defiance every day. And my jeans will still be in the rotation. But, if I have learned anything from this rebellion that really wasn’t a rebellion it’s that a small change, like yoga pants instead of jeans, can make a world of difference in how one’s day goes.

9 days down, 356 days to go!


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