365 Days of Fear: Days 10, 11, and 12

I bet you’re wondering: “Ella, you just started this challenge and you already missed two day.”

And you are completely correct, but I have a great reason as to why I did not publish a day 10 and 11 on time. I was on a training trip with my college’s Nordic ski team/club and the wifi wasn’t the best so I decided to just compile them all into one big master fear challenge post! Let’s get rockin and rollin then shall we:

Day 10

Sunday, January 29, was an interesting day. And my fear was actually pretty big compared to other ones I have done in this challenge thus far. Because I was at home for J-Term I did not want to drive to St. Peter just to turn right back around and go past Rochester on our way up to Giants Ridge (where our training trip was located). So, I challenged myself to drive the four hours(ish) it takes to get to Biwabik, Minnesota by myself. Now, I hadn’t even driven more than two hours by myself and that particular drive is to my college. A route that I know by heart. This drive was doubling that and taking me through the cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul).

So for day 10 I drove myself four hours up into an area that has absolutely no cell service for me. And I did it successfully without one wrong turn! I even improvised once to stop and get gas and still ended up going the right direction. So I would say all in all it was a pretty successful fear conquering.

Day 11

January 30 was filled to the brim with skiing for me. Granted, I hadn’t skied at all this winter until this training trip so I wasn’t in the best shape I could’ve been in. So on day 11 I challenged myself to go the entire day without putting a drop of makeup on.

Typically I don’t leave my room without a layer of cover up and some powder. I have always been extremely self-conscious about my acne and use cover up as a crutch. Even as my acne has begun to clear up I still put on foundation to get me through the day.

But because I was spending the day skiing with other sweaty, skiing people I decided that day 11 would be the perfect day to tackle one of my greatest fears: going a day without any cover up.

To be honest, at first I was a little hesitant because I wasn’t used to not having at least a little cover up on. But as the day progressed I began to forget about it and by the end of the day I was completely comfortable without any makeup on whatsoever.

So I would say that all in all, day 11 was a huge success.

Day 12

Today consisted of another four hour drive back to Rochester. This time I wasn’t worried in the slightest because I had already conquered the drive once. But, I did decide to make my fear for today related to the drive because let’s be honest I had nothing better to think about in those long four hours.

I began the drive by filling my car up with gas in Biwabik–not even five minutes into my drive because I live by the motto “better safe than sorry”. I had the entire drive left and didn’t like the idea of trying to find a random gas station that was in a convenient enough location so I could fill the tank up again.

On the way up I only needed to fill up my tank halfway to make it to Giants Ridge so I figured that I could make it back to Rochester in one tank. I really don’t like when I’m driving on longer trips and the gas meter goes below halfway. So today I decided I would drive until I either made it back home or was on empty.

This probably wasn’t the safest fear to tackle but lo and behold I made it home with gas to spare.

Thank you for sticking it out through this long post of three days’ worth of fears being conquered!

12 days down, 353 days to go!


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