365 Days of Fear: Day 13

Writing everyday for this challenge has really shown me how uneventful my life is. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it is the precise reason as to why I am doing this challenge in the first place: to spice things up and face some fears!

Today I faced a pretty minor fear, well compared to driving four hours by myself it seems kind of insignificant, but still a fear nonetheless! As some of you may know, I have been at home for about a month now due to my doing my J-Term class in a high school in my hometown of Rochester, Minnesota. On Saturday I get to back to good ol’ GAC! I am beyond excited to see everyone–especially my roommate whom I did not get to see when I was on campus for a few days. But lo and behold I got scheduled to work Saturday right in the middle of the basketball game my best friend will be playing in and  I was planning on attending. Even more so, my aunt and cousin will be there as well and I never want to pass up an opportunity to see them.

You may be wondering–“Ella, why didn’t you just say you wanted it off?”

Well mainly because I figured my bosses knew I was going back to college, but that is on me I am aware of that. But also because of the way my place of work runs. It is a small business and is pretty flexible about hours so I figured if anything came up, which it rarely does, I could find someone to replace me. But, I was wrong, per the usual. So I sucked it up and faced my fear of confrontation. I sent my boss’s daughter (long story short, she also works for the company and I’d say we’re friends) a message asking if she could pick up my shift or knows of someone who could.

And although she hasn’t responded I’m glad that I was able to get over my fear of confrontation and take initiative because I truly want to see my friends and family at GAC as early as possible.

13 days down, 352 to go!


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