365 Days of Fear: Day 14

Hello again! It has been quite the day, and by quite the day I mean I got up at 12:30pm and loved every minute of it. I did go Nordic skiing with my dad and watched some That 70s Show so you can’t say I didn’t accomplish anything.

My fear was another one from my list of inspirations when I don’t see opportunity to face an outright fear. And today I decided to watch a show in a different language (and in turn read the subtitles, of course). I don’t really like going out of my comfort zone when it comes to TV shows (and honestly, anything). So I faced this fear and left my comfort zone by watching a Japanese Reality Show called Terrace House. At first, I was a little skeptical–I mean I couldn’t even check Twitter while watching it. I had to pay full attention to the show, like eyes on the screen every second. Or else I had the potential to miss a kiss or someone asking another person on a date to hike a mountain outside of Tokyo.

It took me a while to warm up to the idea of reading the dialogue, but as the show progressed I learned to love it and the knowledge about the Japanese culture. It has quickly become one of my favorite Netflix originals and my sister and I use it as bonding time. I would highly recommend Terrace House to anyone who wants to branch out in their TV shows and enjoys organic reality shows. Because this show is incredibly real, the contestants are only given a house and a car and live together as strangers–no script. I won’t give much else away, but I will stand by this show and say that it is entertaining.

So I would say that it was a successful fear conquered. Sometimes we just need to shake it up a little bit, am I right?

14 days down, 351 days to go!


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