365 Days of Fear: Day 17

Today was my first full day back at GAC. I don’t think I remembered how much I love this place until I was back sitting in my bed sandwiched between my two best friends (with my roommate watching Netflix at her desk). Not only was today eventful in that way, but it was also the Super Bowl! And what a crazy game, I didn’t particularly care who won (Vikes for life), but it was still an intense game to watch. And while I was watching it I was able to face my fear for the day.

Until about 5:00pm my friend, Tierney, and I weren’t quite sure what we were going to do for the Super Bowl. We had ideas, but nothing was set in stone. And then we saw some snap stories of a section below us that was watching it with a projector. We were both intrigued, but I was put off by the idea of going because I didn’t really know any of the guys there. And I don’t like being that person who just randomly shows up and no one knows. But, ultimately, I was convinced to go.

With my Trader Joe’s spinach and artichoke dip in hand I walked down the stairs to 3H. I was nervous, and I was tempted to turn around and watching it in my room. But I forced myself to own this fear instead of letting it own me. And I am glad I did.

Not only did I get to watch the game surrounded by a lot of football enthusiasts who made the game more entertaining, but I was able to branch out. And I realized that I wasn’t really sticking out, that maybe I did belong in some sense.

So the next time you have an opportunity to watch the Super Bowl with guys you barely know who live a floor below you–take it.

17 days down, 348 days to go!


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