365 Days of Fear: Day 18

Today was the first day of classes for spring semester and I am so so excited for this semester. I never thought I would say that…but I mean it! I only had two classes today (probably why I’m still optimistic) and I thoroughly enjoyed both of them.

So, for me new semesters and classes bring about a whole new level of anxiety and fears. New people, new professors, new content, the works. And this typically mars me from speaking in class until at least a month in because I don’t know the people well enough yet. But today I decided to challenge that.

In my first class of the day, American Lit II, we were discussing a poem and I had some thoughts about it. I would usually keep this to myself–what if what I’m thinking isn’t correct? Although when it comes to English it is very hard to be wrong. So when a question came up that pertained to what I was thinking I decided to go for it. I made myself speak up in a room full of strangers. Something I had never really done before. And it felt gratifying, partially because the professor agreed with what I said, and partly because I conquered a fear that has followed me throughout high school and into college.

So, here’s to more participation points and a great spring semester!

18 days down, 347 to go!


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