365 Days of Fear: Day 19

Here I am again, writing a day late. But yesterday was a full day of classes. Almost straight from 8am to 6:45pm. College is fun, right?! Yesterday I tackled a cosmetic fear. Never in my life have I worn a jean jacket anywhere. And recently I found one online for 10 dollars with free shipping (shoutout to Poshmark) and I took the plunge. I’ve always been nervous about wearing an article of clothing such as a jean jacket for some unknown reason. Probably because it isn’t part of my daily attire; it isn’t something I would normally wear.

I had an 8am yesterday so I almost convinced myself out of wearing the jacket I had just received in the mail. It was an early class–that’s a valid reason for wearing sweats and a sweatshirt, right? But I had diligently laid my outfit out the night before, quite adult of me I know, so I held myself to it and just wore the jacket. And it was surprisingly comfortable. For someone who doesn’t really like wearing jeans in general I was put off at the thought of wearing them on my arms. But throughout the day the jacket kept me warm (it felt like Antarctica yesterday and I heard something about -25 windchill and guess who was super smart and forgot a hat and gloves) something that I cannot say for every sweater or jacket that I own. It was also surprisingly comfortable, I didn’t even realize I was wearing it most of the time. So overall 11/10 would recommend wearing a jean jacket.

19 days down, 346 to go!


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