365 Days of Fear: Day 20

Oh my gosh how am I already on day 20?! I was in the middle of watching Shameless when I realized I should probably write today’s challenge on the day that it actually happened! And here goes nothing.

Today was a pretty low-key, luckily, and I made it through classes and work with minimal stress–which makes for a pretty good day in my book. And even though today was much shorter than yesterday in comparison, I was still exhausted and ready for bed at 3:30pm. But I had told myself earlier this week that I would make an effort to work out at least three times during the school week. And although this may not necessarily be a fear I decided today that I would work out in spite of my exhaustion. And that I did.

Of course, I dragged my wonderful roommate Hannah along with me so that made the experience much more bearable. And once I got moving I fell into a rhythm and actually felt pretty good about the workout.

Typically when I’m tired I avoid working out because I feel like it will just make me feel crappier when, after this workout I know, in all reality it does the opposite. Thumbs up for natural caffeine (that makes no sense but let’s go along with it).

20 days down, 345 to go!!


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