365 Days of Fear: Day 22

Ahhh Fridays. Probably the second best day of the week (for some reason I prefer a good lazy Sunday). Today was low-key and just what I needed after yesterday’s adventure. I wasn’t sure what fear to face, per the usual, but I consulted my trusty list of ideas for this challenge and found one that was doable.

Today I decided to take up a new hobby…I started learning Swedish! I’m sure to many this doesn’t really sound like a fear, but adding more to my plate stresses me out. So I wouldn’t overwhelm myself I decided to sign up for Duolingo and commit to 5 minutes a day. Which is very doable goal to set for myself.

When I add things onto my already hectic schedule I get stressed that I wouldn’t be able to complete things up to my standards. Which are unnecessarily high, and although I am aware that I set the bar very high for myself I still let it stay there. So instead of committing to 10, 15, or 20 minutes of Swedish a day I set the bar low for once. At a place where I can actually accomplish it with ease; I mean who doesn’t have five extra minutes in their day?

(College students, that’s who).

22 days down, 343 down!


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