365 Days of Fear: Days 23 and 24

Day 23:

Saturday was one of the most low-key days (notice how I’m not saying nights…) I have had at college thus far. A chance to face a fear did not really reveal itself. Mostly because I stayed in my room for a majority of the day and watched Shameless.

So I found myself consulting my list of ideas for this challenge. And yet I still found myself at a standstill. I had absolutely no idea what to do. Which isn’t a good thing only 23 days into this challenge.

After searching through the list multiple times I stumbled across one that I thought would work. And that was “allow a friend to make all the plans for the night”. I really really like plans. And when I say I really really like plans I mean it. I like knowing my schedule and not straying from the path. I am 110% the planner amongst my friends. I am also not spontaneity’s biggest fan. So when I decided upon this it was a little freaky for me. But, I decided to force myself to go through with it.

And guess what, it was one of the best nights I’ve had in college so far. By going with the flow I experienced things I hadn’t before. And while they aftermath may not have been extremely pleasant I am still grateful for the experience.

Day 24:

One of the only things I actually did today that didn’t involve Shameless or popcorn was a trip into town for some groceries. And I kept my spending down compared to other grocery runs, but I definitely bought some things I didn’t really need. So after another consultation of my inspiration list for this little project of mine I set my mind to probably one of the biggest challenges I am setting for myself during this project.

I am going to have a no-spend week. Besides trips to the cafeteria, I am not going to spend a dime. Which will be very hard for me and also scares me. For some reason I find the odd purchase on Amazon comforting now and then. When I see a great sale for Aerie in my inbox I can’t pass it up (you can’t pass up bogos okay). But this week I’m setting my mind to it.

No spending whatsoever. Let’s see how this goes.

24 days down, 341 days to go!


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