365 Days of Fear: Day 25

25 days in and still going (kind of) strong! I spent the majority of today exhausted and even skipped bookclub which is very much out of character for me. There actually was a concrete fear I had in mind for conquering today–pretty much a first for me!

I am hoping to become a “Gustie Greeter” for the 2017-2018 (and beyond) academic school year. The process begins with a Greeter Open House. And this event was tonight. At the last minute I realized that I would have to attend the event either by myself or with a guy from my Greeter Group from this past fall. Both options scared me, especially the going alone one. The other one really only scared me because I was scared of my awkward-ness making an appearance.

Ultimately I chose to attend the event with my good friend, Chao, from my Greeter Group. And luckily my awkward side did not decide to shine tonight. I was able to keep conversation flowing for the duration of the event (not always one of my strong suits) and learned about what it would take to become a Gustie Greeter.

Here’s hoping the process goes well, I’m sure that many of my days of fear during this process will be attributed to that!

25 days down, 340 to go!


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