365 Days of Fear: Day 26

Today was a long, tiring day. I had class almost entirely from 8am-6:45pm, but luckily having class offers me many opportunities to face a fear (or multiple). Today I had to engage in lots of small group work. Although I am going to be a teacher and teachers seem to be a fan of small group work, I loathe it. It might be because I do not like how students are randomly put together and then forced to work with one another and overcome awkwardness (which I’m sure does not only apply to me). I know there are benefits of randomization for small group work but now is not the time and place to go into that.

So during the small group work today I forced myself to speak up before I was spoken to. Typically when it comes to group work I like to sit passively even if I have a comment to make. I would not describe myself as a passive person in general, but in class I very much am. I am scared of raising my hand and making a comment and being wrong. This does not only apply to full-class discussions, but most definitely to small group ones as well.

Today I decided to kick that fear to the curb and speak up in the small group work times–to make my voice heard (for once) in class. And it turned out pretty well. My ideas were generally accepted and agreed upon and that showed me that maybe it isn’t so bad to chime in every once in a while.

26 days down, 339 days to go!


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