365 Days of Fear: Day 27

Thank God for Wednesdays. If I didn’t have Wednesday as a break between my 8am-6:45pm I’m not sure I would survive this semester. Today was pretty low-key, and I am very grateful for that. I even got a workout in!

The fear that I faced for today was wearing a shirt to all my classes and work that made me nervous. It didn’t have anything profane on it, but I am not typically one to wear clothing with messages of my opinions on them. But today I decided to change that, and for a good cause as well.

Today I wore a shirt that said “Stronger Than The Stigma” that benefitted the Buddy Project. The premise of the Buddy Project is to match people struggling from mental illnesses, or just going through a rough patch in general, with each other so that they have an internet friend who will be there to listen whenever they need it. Not many people realize it, but internet friends are just as real as other ones. Personally, I have one that I have been talking to for four years and I consider her one of my best friends!

Anyways, I wore my shirt proudly and received many compliments on it (my boss especially loved it) and hopefully I inspired some people to look up the Buddy Project (linked here) and take time to learn more about what its missions/goals are. This was one of the most gratifying fears to conquer and I cannot wait to wear this shirt again and show that I am stronger than the stigma.

27 days down, 338 to go!


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