365 Days of Fear: Days 28 and 29

Ahh yes, here I am a day behind again. I was doing pretty well there for a while, but Thursdays get me every time. I’m sure by now you know that I have class pretty much all day and on top of that I had three essays to write. College is fun.

Day 28

The fear I conquered on Thursday probably wasn’t one that many would suggest, but for the sake of my sanity and time-usage I decided to go for it. On Thursdays I have a three hour lab from 1:30-4:20pm. When I was halfway through class I realized I had so much writing to do. We, coincidentally, were using our laptops in class that day and I decided to just go for it and get one of my articles for the week done in class.

I am not one to typically do something like this in class, let alone sitting in the front row (as I was doing). But I decided to go for it, which seems to be a theme in all of these posts. I tried to type as quietly as possible and deflect attention from myself by answering questions (as contradictory as that sounds…). Eventually, after a couple close calls and a suspicious girl sitting behind me, I finished the article and was able to cross something off of my very long checklist for the day. God bless.

Day 29

So, my section (in which I live) has had quite a few changes since move-in day. Through roommate changes, people switching dorms, and others leaving it got to the point where half of the girls in my section had a single room. And no one was complaining. But along the way a girl had some issues in another dorm and needed to move somewhere ASAP. Of course the building director thought of our small, little section first. And we were actually very excited to have someone new move in–as quick as the process was.

Today she moved in and I saw her at various times in the process but did not say anything in fear of my awkwardness showing up (another theme that seems to be dominating this challenge). But as she was talking about what section she was heading to with her friends helping her move I heard her mention the section and decided to speak up. And as per the usual, it did not go as bad as I planned. Although I’m pretty positive I heard one of the guys she was with say something along the lines of “who the heck was that?”

Story of my life, what can you do? (insert shrug emoji here)

29 days down, 336 to go!


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