365 Days of Fear: Day 30

I’ve made it to the 30s!! And I’m still a day behind, what a big shocker. I decided to split Saturday and Sunday up because I have yet to do anything that scares me today. Yesterday was fairly uneventful–just how I like my Saturdays. Lots of Netflix and my roommate and I ordered pizza! I was debating whether or not I wanted to leave and do something last night. I had a pretty crazy weekend last weekend and I kind of wanted to keep it low-key. But at the last moment I decided that the fear I would face for the day would be going out, and going out with people I’m not super close with.

I like to go out and have fun, but I like doing so with people I know. I like having someone to talk to at parties. I enjoy having a few friendly faces in the room. My anxiety makes it hard for me to go up to new people and strike up conversations. I suppose that I tackled two fears by going out and then talking to some new people. Just by doing this I was able tell my anxiety in a way that it will not control me. Which is pretty darn cool I’d say.

Well, you’ll be seeing me again today after I conquer a fear for Sunday!

30 days down, 335 to go!


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