365 Days of Fear: Day 31

Ahhh Sundays, I love them so much. Usually because there are tater tots in the caf, but also because I get to spend the whole day lazing around with no expectations. Livin’ the life right? Of course that means that I didn’t really get out much (what’s new) so finding a fear was difficult (what’s new…again). But then one presented itself to me! I saw that a friend from high school had been on campus, sadly I didn’t know until she was gone, but I used this knowledge as an opportunity to reach out to her and spark conversation. I have not talked to her in quite a few months, and I am hoping that this allows me to catch up with her!

I don’t typically initiate conversations to begin with, but most definitely not with people I have not seen for almost a year. But I feel as though now is a better time than never to start reconnecting with people who made me who I am today.

At this moment in time I haven’t gotten a response yet, but hopefully there will be one soon and we can catch up! And I think I’ll continue this challenge just because I miss my friends.

31 days down, 334 to go!


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