365 Days of Fear: Day 33

Today I had the privilege to go on a field trip with my class called “Digging In”. We went to a county park called 7 Mile Creek, and simply explored and took some (very loose) data. This semester we will be creating a website for the park seeing as the one they currently have is sparse and outdated. There is also a chance that we will recreate their brochure as well. It is a pretty cool initiative to be involved in and today was the perfect day to head 7 miles off campus and explore a wonderful park.

Along the river that flows through the majority of the park we were supposed to take temperatures and pictures to help collect data and material for the website. As I was taking a shot of the river one of my good friends, Mari, walked into the picture. Typically I would stop taking pictures at this point–I feel as though I’m invading someone’s space if I take pictures of them without their knowing. But today I decided to say “screw that” to the voice in my head and take some candids of a good friend. I mean I’m always seeing tweets about how people wish that they had friends to take cool candids of them so I decided to be that friend today. And I must admit the pictures turned out Insta-worthy. And I think from now on I will be the official candid picture-taker of my friends.

33 days down, 332 to go!


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