365 Days of Fear: Day 34

Today was the last day of the semester that I didn’t have anything scheduled in the evening. And I decided that I would my time to good use and work out instead of sitting on my butt and watching yet another episode of Shameless and eating Girl Scout cookies (bless my mentee).

I walked to the gym and settled into my usual routine: 3 miles on the elliptical and then abs on the mats on the uppermost level. After I finished my 3 miles and cleaned of the elliptical (someone’s gotta do it) I headed up to my usual ab workout spot. Once I reached the top level of the stairs, and it was a real struggle after the elliptical, I realized that I had come at a busier time of day than I usually did. And this meant that more people would be using the one of the only padded mats in the gym. Typically I would have turned myself around and walk back to my dorm room and do my abs in the security of my own room. But, today I decided to face this fear: I fear doing abs in front of other people (especially ones I do not know).

So I sat down in one of the only open spots on the mat and began to do my usual ab routine (something else I need to work on switching up, but that is for another day). And guess what! The world did not end, no one even noticed me doing my abs. I would say that’s a successfully conquered fear.

34 days down, 331 days to go!


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