365 Days of Fear: Day 35

Oh wow, I don’t think I’ve ever loathed a day as much as I loathe Thursdays. I know, I know most people have a distaste for Sundays or Mondays, but for me Thursdays are the epitome of bad. It’s the end of the week, I have a full day of classes, and I’m usually exhausted. So I don’t typically want to push myself out of my comfort zone on days that already push my limits. Today in terms of fear I honestly didn’t face any large ones or blatant ones.

So today I decided to let myself relax instead of always doing something in my free time. This does scare me, I feel as if I’m not being productive I’m not using my time well. And although I preach about self-care and its importance I often find it hard to practice it. I am go, go, go. So slowing down and relaxing was hard for me. And today was the perfect day to do so. Instead of working on readings for my American Lit 2 class during my hour break between classes I watched an episode of Shameless. And it felt good. Bad habits die hard, but maybe someday I’ll be a “chill” person.


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