365 Days of Fear: Days 37 and 38

I’m sensing a pattern here. I don’t seem to be able to write regularly on the weekend so I find myself writing twice on Sunday or three times on Monday. Today is one of the triple post days. This weekend was pretty low-key, and wow I love those kind of weekends.

Day 37:

I wasn’t really planning on going out on Saturday. As the day progressed the thought of staying in and watching Shameless until the wee hours was sounding better and better. But then a girl that I live by invited me and a friend out and I decided to go for it. Usually when I have my mind made up about what I’m going to do for a night I don’t like switching it up. That’s just me, I suppose. It scares me to switch things up–as I’m sure you have come to know if you have read any of my other posts. I like having a schedule and following it.

So when faced with the decision to stay in or go out I was hesitant to choose the latter. But I remembered this challenge and set my mind to throwing off my schedule for the night. And I did enjoy myself and had good conversations with an old and new friend.

Throw caution to the wind every once in a while, maybe you’ll enjoy it.

Day 38:

Yesterday I went to the MIAC championship basketball game at a different university–one that I haven’t ever been to before. I went with a friend who has also never been to the school. We are both not ones to ask others for directions and prefer getting lost over asking a stranger to point us in the right direction. But as we got there we were becoming very confused over the layout of the college and where exactly we were (and, yes, we were using a map). So as we left the car I made a resolve to ask someone to show us where the athletic building was. As I approached the first person I saw I became nervous–I am a very awkward human. But once I asked she was very kind and showed us the easiest way to get there. Bless her soul.

38 days down, 327 to go!


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