365 Days of Fear: Day 39

Ahhh good to see you again, it’s not like I wasn’t just writing this morning (haha sarcasm is fun). I must admit, I secretly love Mondays. I don’t really have any commitments past 2:20 so that means I get the rest of my day free! Which is a luxury I don’t have any other night of the week. So if I were to label today it would be “low-key”. In terms of fear, I didn’t really push myself too far today.

There is an event called the President’s Ball coming up and the dress wear is typically described as “semi-formal” or cocktail dress. I have dresses from the various school dances I attended in high school, but none of them were really what I wanted to wear. I was going to settle for an old dress and save some money, but I was searching the internet for dresses with a friend and came across one for 34 dollars and free shipping that was gorgeous and exactly what I wanted.

Typically I would not pull the trigger on this–I’m not really an impulsive buyer. And for some reason fear that I’ll go broke with just one purchase so there was a fear involved, trust me. So I decided to treat myself (one fear at a time). And I cannot wait for the dress to arrive.

39 days down, 326 days to go.


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