365 Days of Fear: Day 40

As much as I love Mondays and their easy schedule, I loathe Tuesdays. They’re so busy and seem never-ending. One class after another and then band and then homework. On and on and on. The only upside is that one of my professors did not show up to class after fifteen minutes (more on that later) so we got leave. The downside of that, of course there’s a downside, is that it was my 8am and I didn’t have class until 10:30 so I could’ve slept in if she would have let us know.

The fear I faced today was leaving class. Although there is a rule at my college that if the professor is not there within fifteen minutes of the class start time the students are allowed to leave. Sounds great, right? Well, all of my classmates were chomping at the bit to leave around 8:10 and me being me was worried that if we left and she showed up at 8:14 we would be in trouble. Although I am sure this would not be the case it still was a constant worry. Even as the clock struck 8:15am I was worried that we would be in trouble for some other reason. Long story short, I was really worried about leaving class.

But once I did it, and for good reason–there was a health crisis with my professor so she was not coming anyways–I did not regret it. I went back to my room and took a nice, long nap. Something I very much needed to get myself through the day.

40 days down, 320 to go!


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