365 Days of Fear: Day 43

Ahhhh, the weekend. Where I get behind on blogging on here (I’m still trucking along though, just not in exact chronological order) and kind of catch up on my sleep. Friday was an average day–nothing too special happened and nothing awful happened. So I decided to shake things up–academically speaking.

I had been considering adding a coaching minor to my Secondary Education/CALT (Communication Arts Literature Teaching) since beginning college with the goal in mind to be a better coach than many of the ones I had growing up. I want to have the opportunity to foster a good sports environment rather than the uber competitive and political one I grew up with.

The notion of adding a minor to my already exhaustive major scared me, so I didn’t do anything about it until I recently began really missing the soccer field. I knew it was too late to get back out there and play soccer so I figured coaching would be the best opportunity to involve myself in a sport I played for countless years (something around 14 years I believe).

So I set up an appointment with my academic advisor to see if it was even possible. And by some grace of God it was–I’m not sure how, but if everything works out I’ll have the minor alongside my major in four years. There will be some overloading, but I’m hoping I can handle it. And if I can’t, well that is just another fear to face in the upcoming year.

43 days down, 322 to go!


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