365 Days of Fear: Days 44 and 45

I am very proud of myself. I mean, it’s not like I got my blogs done on the right day, but they are getting done before Monday!

Day 44:

I actually had plans made for Saturday night–a friend I had yet to hang out with outside of work and class came over and went out with me–so I pretty much already had a fear set aside for the day.

Hanging out with new people does not come easy for me. I tend to be very awkward when conversation does not flow naturally. So I was nervous to hang out with this friend beforehand because the only thing we really have in common is that we are Education majors (and work in the ed office) and are editors for our Odyssey Community at Gustavus. And now after typing that it looks like we have more in common that I previously thought.

So I faced that fear on Saturday night…and I am happy to report that it went well! It turns out we both have the same view of going out and enjoy standing in a corner. I had yet to find someone who liked doing that as well and it was good to have someone to stand in the corner with!

Day 45:

Today I posted a picture that I normally would not–one where I don’t look extremely flattering in the shirt I am wearing (dang angle of the photographer). I try to be picky about what I post on Instagram and especially avoid pictures that are unflattering. Everything about the picture is great except for that one part (I won’t mention what part exactly) so I was hesitant to post it. But then I decided to just go against my gut and post it because I really did like the picture.

And I really had nothing to worry about because no one really noticed. But that is probably over now because I wrote a whole blog post about the picture…

45 days down, 320 to go!


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