365 Days of Fear: Day 46

Today was a good Monday. There was a thunderstorm, I finally finished a lab report I’ve been putting off, and I worked out. What more can a girl ask for?

In terms of fear I actually conquered a big fear of mine today. I don’t like to submit pieces of creative writing to journals or publishers for fear of rejection. Now, I have no problem smothering the internet with my editorials and opinions on non-fiction ideals, but once I get to my poetry and fictional stories I have a hard time sharing them.

Recently I showed one of my friends some of the poetry I wrote for a class last year for the first time. My poetry is very personal to me and it’s hard to bare something that revealing. Again, when it comes to articles I have no problem, but poetry? Hard pass. But she read them and actually liked them–not the response I was expecting. Mainly because I don’t put a lot of focus on poetry and write it when I really need to get my words out on paper. She immediately told me I had to get it out there somewhere, published anywhere. I let the idea sit for a while and then thought of the perfect place. We have a literary magazine at Gustavus called the Firethorne that is taking submissions for its yearly magazine. I had toyed with the idea of submitting something but was scared of putting a part of myself out there I rarely show to anyone.

The encouragement from my friend is what pushed me to do it, but I had to click the submit button without any help. And it felt good, to know that there is a possibility my poetry will be in a literary magazine. That is pretty dang cool.

Wish me luck 🙂

46 days down, 319 to go!


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