365 Days of Fear: Days 49-52

Hello all, I really, really, reallllly sucked it up with posting on time. At first it was because the week was straight up kicking my butt, but eventually it is because something kind of huge happened in my life. So I decided to meld all of these days together because the fear I conquered (or suffered I suppose) was a big one.

Yesterday I went to Minnesota United’s opening match against Atlanta United at TCF Bank stadium in the Twin Cities. I was so pumped and there was no way I was going to miss the game. So I loaded up my car and headed up even though a snow storm was coming my way.

As the day progressed and my dad and I pregamed at Surly–and I had the best brisket sandwich I have ever tasted–the snow began to come down in spades. It just kept coming and it certainly made for an interesting soccer game. All in all, the game was fun and I am so glad I went so I can say I went to their first ever home game as a MLS team (even though we ended up losing 6-1…). After the game my dad and I made the trek back to Surly to get his car and go to mine at the Mall of America. All was well and I got to my car and got on the road. That is, until I got to I494 West.

I was driving around 35 miles per hour because of the snow and keeping my distance behind the car in front of me–everything I was taught to do in the snow when driving. Suddenly the car in front of me slammed on their breaks so I pressed on mine (not even slamming them) and the next thing I knew I was spinning across four lanes of traffic on I494 with a car coming straight at me as I sat backwards facing incoming traffic. The driver of the other car and I made eye contact and had a mutual realization that there was nothing either of us could do about the situation.

So I found myself sitting sideways in the middle of the freeway with no idea of what to do. The first thing I thought to do was call my dad even though I really should have called 911. So eventually I get around to calling them (and so did the other driver, who, thankfully, did not drive away) and an amazing off-duty cop pushed my car to the other side of the freeway so I would be out of traffic’s way. My dad showed up, and the cops showed up two hours later, and I made it back to campus with pretty bad whiplash and no car (RIP EJ).

So this is my warning to you: be safe when driving please, because once you can’t move your neck you realize how much you do that in your daily life.

Peace and blessings, Ella.

52 (ish) days down, 313 to go!


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