365 Days of Fear: Days 53-56

I feel like this week I have an excuse for not exactly posting on time. For the first portion I could barely hold my head up (screw whiplash) and then the second half I was trying to figure out what exactly was wrong with me and attempting to catch up on homework.

Here’s some sage advice: don’t get in a car accident the week before midterms. Just don’t.

Anyways, on to the fears. There were lots of opportunities for fears to be faced this week. But most specifically the fears surrounded my classes and taking my time recovering. It scared me to miss so many classes, but I knew it was necessary. So I emailed my professors (and the Dean of Students did as well, who woulda thunk) and used my “free” time to rest up and recuperate.

Once I had taken a couple days off of class I was getting antsy and wanted out of my room and to start catching up on what I had missed. But at this point my fear was no longer centered around missing class, but going to class and not being able to make it through.

I started out slow, and I only attended one class for half of ht e time. And let me tell you, it was a real struggle. My neck would start to seize up in the middle of class and I just had to sit there until a break. I’m sure that I could’ve gotten up and left but I had faced enough fears this week. Ultimately, I did survive going to half of that class and even made it all the way through both of my classes on Wednesday (and an hour of work!).

I realized, after some trial and error, that there would be some difficult points in moving past this car accident, but that it is possible (of course).

When hard things come up, don’t shy away. Take your time to recuperate and recover, but do not sell yourself short. You are capable of living outside that shadow of fear. It may be hard, but it is possible. You got this.

56 days down, 309 to go!


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