365 Days of Fear: Days 57 and 58

Here I am again. Making up for days lost on this already lost challenge, but I refuse to give up on this little project of mine! Even if it means making up for some days I have missed for various reasons (exhaustion, car accident, simply forgetting…). So let’s get to it!

Day 57:

I don’t usually do homework on Saturdays. Actually, I don’t usually do much on Saturdays. For some reason I have this idea in the back of my mind that if one is to do homework on Saturday they are an over-achiever (and apparently that’s a bad thing in the depths of my mind?) and although this was one of those thoughts that just kind of come with being a person it still influences the way I make decisions.

But after my car accident (a week ago already–wow!) I got so so sooo far behind in every single one of my classes. Surprise, surprise homework isn’t the first thing on your mind when you can’t move your neck because of whiplash.

So this Saturday I decided to face a fear that would be extremely beneficial for my mental state of mind. I sat myself down at a table in our section and got busy on an essay that had been haunting me even before the car accident. And guess what, forty-five minutes later I had that bad boy done (and a load of laundry to boot!).

Sometimes being an over-achiever isn’t so bad, right?

Day 58:

Today was so low-key even I was suspicious. I slept in until noon (bless up) and met up with my little buddy (and subsequently needed a nap after that). But there was actually an opportunity for me to face a fear as my day progressed.

My friend, Tierney (who will likely make many appearances on this blog) asked me if I wanted to go get pizza with her sister a couple days ago and I was hesitant. Not because I didn’t know her sister (because I do), but because I was afraid I wouldn’t know what to say or I would be awkward. Honestly, it seems like I feel that way when it comes to pretty much anything.

But I told that little voice in my head to shut up because not only did it mean I got to leave campus on this beautiful day, but I also got to eat non-cafeteria food. Our cafeteria may be ranked number one in Minnesota, but even our food gets old after 190ish days.

58 days down, 307 to go!



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