365 Days of Fear: Day 59

I’m not a big fan of change. I like to set a schedule and stick to it. Anyone who knows me knows that. This is especially true when it comes to my schedule during the school week. Tonight I faced the fear of switching up my routine pretty head on.

Instead of heading back to my room after eating dinner I joined two friends and went to go get a free ice cream cone from Dairy Queen. What kind of college student would pass up that deal?! We headed down there and I figured I would go chill in my room and watch Netflix once we were done with that. But they mentioned they were going to go to the pool (and hot tub) after we got back. And after my accident, I had been meaning to go sit in the hot tub in hopes to make my neck feel better.

So I tagged along for that too and consequently, I was out of my room much later than I typically like to be. At first I regretted not tucking myself in for Netflix, but eventually the hot tub really helped my neck and it was worth my while.

So that showed me! Gotta get out and about and actually do stuff on weeknights sometimes *shrug*.

59 days down, 306 to go!


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