365 Days of Fear: Day 60

I am here and writing on time! It is a midweek miracle, friends! So many exclamation points! Today was good, and lately having an all around good day has been hard to find (among stress, midterms, etc) so I gladly took it.

I did not end up going to my 1:30 class because they were going hiking (sad, because I love hiking) and my muscle relaxants from the accident make walking longer than half a mile exhausting. This meant after my 8 am and 10:30 am class I did not have anything until band at 5:30 pm. Of course, I could have used this time to be productive (I actually do not have much homework in any of my classes this week, bless up), but did I? Negatory. Nada. Nope. Instead, I took a two-hour nap and watched Bob’s Burgers. Self-care is important too, right?

Anyways, in terms of fears today I participated in a photo shoot of sorts. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to spill all the juicy details (of which there are none), but it made me nervous to have my picture taken. And it made me even more anxious knowing this poster will be posted all over campus and even outside of campus. When I was first approached to participate in the campaign I was hesitant–I hate seeing myself in pictures. All my eyes can see is the double-chin, the acne, and the unplucked eyebrows. Of course, not many other people even notice these flaws. But to me, they are magnified.

But I decided passing up this opportunity would be something I regretted in the long run, so I went for it and agreed to meet up and take pictures. I would say that it went successfully and have yet to know if I like the pictures. But, the photographer told me I was a “great model” and the pictures looked great so that gives me hope.

60 (long) days down, 305 to go!!


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