365 Days of Fear: Days 61-66

Hello all, it has become inherently clear that I am awful at posting this on time. But I am going to trek on with this challenge still! Also you should feel really special that I’m writing at all because my laptop died and I left my charger at school (I’m so bad at packing it’s not even funny).

So today’s fear is a big one, and I’m going to use it to encompass all of the other ones (I promise I’m not lazy).

Tonight I am flying alone for the first time. I mean, it’s not a big shocker–I’m 18. But as much as I have flown in the past, I’ve never flown by myself. And as much as I love airports (yes, you read that right) they’re still big, scary, and confusing when you’re alone.

When my Nana told me she was willing to pay for my ticket down to Arizona I jumped at the opportunity. What college student wouldn’t? And when I accepted the offer I was well aware that I would be alone. And you know what, it was time.

One of my goals in life is to travel alone to a faraway place (specific destination to be determined at a later date…) and this is a good way to start. I’ve flown to Arizona ten times (I think? I’ve honestly lost count) and I decided to use this flight as a learning experience.

I am currently sitting at my gate (yes, mom the correct gate) waiting to board and so far there have been no glitches. Knock on wood.

Maybe the world isn’t so scary to conquer alone?

65 days down, 300 to go!


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