365 Days of Fear: Days 67-74

Yes, I know I know, I am so so bad at posting on time and it just keeps on getting worse and worse. But I promise I will try very hard this week to post at least semi-on time. I figured I would give you a run down of my spring break and the many fears I faced over it just to try and make up for my lack of being able to actually do this challenge so let’s get to it, shall we?

Day 67

Ahhhh my first full day in Arizona. What is better than that after winter in Minnesota? Just about nothing. I figured that there would be fears to face nearly every day on my trip down to visit my Nana (because she is quite adventurous whether she admits that or not) and boy was I right.

I don’t mean that we were scaling rock walls or whitewater rafting, but she is always up to something. The moment I woke up she told me that we were invited to brunch with her friends from golf and that we did not have to go if I didn’t want to. But I decided, screw awkward Ella! Let’s go have lunch with people I barely know. Something I will admit I am scared of. And it was a damn good lunch (chicken parmesan never lets me down).

Day 68

On Tuesday my Nana suggested we take my new car (long story, it involves a car accident) for a drive around the retirement community. It may not sound too stressful to you but getting behind the driver’s wheel of my own car really stresses me out post-accident. I was hesitant, but I thought of my catchphrase (Screw *insert something dumb Ella is scared of here*) and turned the ignition.

And, boy, that car is nice. Well, really nice for a freshman in college. And I can’t wait to have it in Minnesota to really take it for a drive.

Day 69

This was the day that I went off of my muscle relaxants after the accident. And I was a lot more scared than I should have been. Scared that I would feel the need to take the meds to survive. Scared that I would still hurt. Scared that nothing had changed. And I had a right to be scared because the moment I went off of the medication my back tensed up and my neck started to spasm again. Just like old times, am I right?

But I’m learning how to deal with it and likely adding on physical therapy. Being afraid to go off of prescription drug kind of scared me–I do not want to become a pill-head. (And that’s a fear I will not face)

Day 70

On this day we took a drive out to the Boyce Thompson Arboretum. And it was gorgeous. I am a sucker for plants (especially cacti) and I was living. But I was still feeling the repercussions of going off of my medication. I was unsure about walking around and driving out there. I again said screw it and jumped into the passenger seat of my Nana’s Pilot. I wasn’t about to let this car accident make me miss out on yet another experience.

Day 71

I don’t know why, but I have always been a little scared of Segways. Don’t get me wrong–they seem cool and fun but what if I fell off and landed in the middle of a busy street?

You’re probably wondering why I am musing about my fear of Segways, and it is because my Nana and I had decided on an earlier excursion to Scottsdale that we would embark on a Segway tour that coming Friday.

Not only was I hesitant because of my neck and back, but I was hesitant because I was afraid of falling off or getting in another accident–we were going down real roads, people.

But let me give you a piece of advice–Segways are super easy to figure out and so worth it. If you ever have the chance I highly recommend you take it. Especially if you can also get an awesome tour of a cool city out of it as well.

Day 72

Saturday was my day to head back to good ol Minny and more so back to good ol reality. I had a dead laptop in my bag with the charger at school and an essay (I would later forget about) to write. Sitting in the airport I wasn’t necessarily dreading going back home, but I wasn’t looking forward to all the work it would entail.

But more importantly, sitting at my gate waiting to board the plane I realized I had to pee, like really pee. (Sorry if that’s a TMI, but we all do it so) I was traveling alone and had a bulky, heavy backpack and a coveted outlet to charge my phone. I did not want to risk getting up and losing that outlet, and I didn’t want to drag my backpack halfway across the airport just to use the bathroom.

I noticed that the girl next to me was wearing a sweatshirt from a Minnesota high school and figured that since she was from Minnesota she probably values “Minnesota Nice” and would watch over my stuff. I wasn’t necessarily worried about her or someone else taking my stuff. I was worried about asking a stranger to watch over my bag.

But, again, I said screw it! Do it for the challenge (#RIPVine) and asked her to watch my bag. She graciously watched over my precious cargo and I returned to see it untouched.

Day 73

Back at school and the homework is pressing to be done. But do I do it? I’ll let you be the judge (“it’s a no from me” -Simon Cowell). Again, I was afraid to get in the car and drive back to school and I believe that it’s fair in this case to use this fear again–it’s going to take me a while to get over this one let’s just get that out of the way.

But the drive was fairly uneventful (we listened to Prairie Home Companion for the majority of the ride) and I made it back to GAC safely.

Day 74

And we have finally reached today. (If you’re still reading this bless your soul) Today I faced my fear of working out after the accident and walked on the treadmill for 20 minutes (until my treadmill decided it was time for me to be done and started a cool down for me, I wasn’t going to argue with a machine…). Whenever I have previously tried to work out after my accident I come back with a stiff neck and a crabby attitude. I can barely walk on the treadmill for 20 minutes and I hate not doing anything in terms of exercise.

So I thought “hey, why don’t I try just slowly walking today?” and you know what? It went okay, I’m feeling alive and can kind of move my neck so I would say it is a successful challenge faced.

74 days down, 291 to go!



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