365 Days of Fear: Day 76

The second day in a row! I am on quite a roll. Hopefully, this trend keeps up (but who really knows with me?)

Today I actually did something that scared me a lot but I was so excited about that I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity. I have been a part of the Buddy Project for a couple months now and recently they started a campaign to bring the project and its corresponding message (to decrease the stigma behind mental illnesses) to college campuses.

I knew that if I decided to bring this to GAC it would require me posting about it and following lots of people which makes me kind of anxious because I feel like I’m being annoying! But I decided to heck with it and started the Instagram page.

So far there has been nothing but good feedback and I am so excited to bring this project to Gustavus and start making a change about something I am passionate about. If any of you would like to check out Gustavus’ page click here.

76 days down, 269 to go!


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