365 Days of Fear: Days 77-78

Hello! I am behind on posting but not too behind so I’m pretty proud of that. I am so beyond happy that it is the weekend and that it is so nice out here. Spring in Minnesota is 110% my favorite season (and, no, it’s not just because my birthday is in May). But enough about the weather (if you’re from Minnesota I’m sure you get enough weather talk with all the small talk we do) let’s get down to the fear!

Day 77

Thursdays are always hard. If you’ve been reading these sporadic blog posts you know that I have lots of classes and responsibilities on Thursdays. But the fear I faced this Thursday was one that made me very happy once I got over it.

As you may or may not know, I recently brought the Buddy Project campaign to Gustavus and have a form for anyone to sign up on the Instagram account.  As soon as I posted about it in a couple of the student organizations I participate in on campus people started signing up. I was excited, but I was also nervous. I am not good with new people and making small talk (besides about the weather but that only gets you so far am I right). But I knew that if I wanted this project to be successful I had to reach out to all of these people and take their picture.

And I am so glad I did because the project is gaining traction and attention on campus and it brings me so much joy. 10/10 would recommend!

Day 78

Today I faced a fear that brought me a lot of anxiety. Soon, it will be my turn to register for classes for the 2017 fall semester. I thought I had everything planned out months ago, but when I was going through the course catalog I discovered that two of the courses I was planning on taking are not being offered.

Thus, I had to scramble and find some replacement classes. And one of those replacement classes had to be a foreign language. And lo and behold none were offered at a time that worked so I was thrown into a panic.

That is, until one of my wonderful coworkers, Corbyn, mentioned she was taking American Sign Language for her language credit. It is a night class offered at Mankato State University and works perfectly for my schedule. Although it was perfect I was still hesitant to commit to it. I was and am scared to go and take a class at a different college I know nothing about and for a subject I am virtually clueless in.

But I decided to take the plunge and go for it. I won’t know if facing this fear will pay off until next semester, but I have a good feeling.

78 days down, 287 to go!


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