365 Days of Fear: 79-81

Ahh yes, of course, I am behind again. What’s new? Nothing, that’s the answer. Let’s just get right into this without making any excuses (haha).

Day 79

Sundays are honestly one of my favorite days of the week. I love that I get to sleep in and feel productive; even if I feel as though I am drowning schoolwork. This past Sunday was one of those days where a fear kind of just jumped out at me.

I have been part of a program called Big Partner/Little Partner since the beginning of my time at Gustavus. I was paired with a wonderful little girl (I’ll leave her anonymous), but I soon learned she had a lot more energy than I did/do. Every time she comes over I struggle to keep up with her laps in my section and her locking me out of my room. We usually meet on whatever day of the week works for both of us, and this particular week it happened to be Sunday.

I was tired and a little bit crabby (I’m not gonna lie) and I really, really, did not want to put up with her antics for a whole hour. So when she began her typical running and locking antics I decided to finally put my foot down. I told her that if she left the room again I would tell her mom. And it worked! She sat down and watched the movie we picked out for the rest of the time (a whole whopping fifteen minutes).

Day 80

Mondays are sucky in general. They’re especially sucky in Minnesota when it’s dreary and windy and just plain old gross. The weather made me want to curl up in bed for the entire day (but honestly what’s new about that). Nevertheless, I dragged myself out of bed and across campus to my two classes and work.

My back spent the entire morning spasming (dang car accident just leave me alone already please) and just as I was contemplating calling the physical therapy places near GAC my phone rang. It was the physical therapy office wanting to schedule an appointment. Usually, I don’t like making appointments over the phone or talking on the phone in general (unless it’s one of my parent’s calling). But I got over that fear fast when I could feel another pulsing round of spasms wrack my spine.

Day 81

Today I faced a fear that haunts me nearly every day. I am a Contributing Editor for GAC’s Odyssey community and with that role comes the responsibility to start conversations in our group chat.

Let me put this out there: when it comes to group chats or Facebook groups I don’t like drawing attention to myself. It makes me feel annoying to ask a question or post something. But I met up with our Editor In Chief last night and she mentioned that our community needs to start interacting more.

So today I faced that fear and asked our little group a simple question about what they’re writing about this week. Easy as pie.

81 days down, 284 to go!



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