365 Days of Fear: Days 82-84

I don’t know why I ever expect myself to post on time because it never happens, but you’ve gotta have high hopes in yourself am I right? (haha jk)

Let’s just jump right into this!

Day 82

This particular Wednesday was not very eventful. Besides having class I did not do much. (But honestly, what’s new?) But I did face a fear, fear not! On Wednesday I was working in the Education Office for my long shift and turned around to see a friendly face from my high school youth group.

One of the girls that was in my youth group was touring GAC and although we did not know each other well because she is two years younger, it was nice to see a familiar face from home.

As you all have come to know, I am a very awkward person. So naturally, I did not know if she remembered me and gave her an awkward wave. By some grace of God she remembered! And I was asked to give her a mini-tour to her next class. I was tempted to say I had too much work because of my awkwardness, but I decided that this was a doable fear.

The mini-tour turned out well and it made my day to see someone from back in good ol Rochester.

Day 83

This Thursday I was itching to get home. Even though I just had Easter break this Easter break felt much needed. But first, I had to get through my 3-hour lab; it is the bane of my existence as well.

As I sat in my (very uncomfortable) desk I spaced out for the first few minutes of class until I heard “we need a volunteer”. We are currently working on a project that gets reviewed by our professors multiple times. This Thursday was the first round of revisions, and our professors wanted to give the class an example of what it would be like. I figured offering to go would allow me to leave early (it did, just not as early as I hoped) so I flung my hand in the air.

What I did not consider is that my (very rough) outline for the project would be projected in front of the entire class. As I sat up in front of the class with their eyes on me I felt my anxiety begin to make my leg shake wildly.

I sort of put myself into this fear unknowingly, but I am so glad that I got to leave early. Very much worth the little bout of anxiety over my work being projected in front of my class.

Day 84

Finally home, I (more like my parents, but I was not going to argue) thought that a massage would be a good idea to try and make my back and neck feel better. But this meant that I would have to call the massage place and make the appointment myself.

I hate talking on the phone. I loathe making appointments over the phone even more.

I begged my dad to call and make the appointment, but he looked me dead in the eye and said “what about your fear challenge?”

That is how I found myself on the phone making an appointment, but luckily it did not go very badly (I was only a little bit awkward, score!) and I was able to have an amazing massage with a fantastic masseuse.

84 days down, 281 to go!


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