365 Days of Fear: Days 85 & 86

This time I’m not too far behind (just two days, but that’s doable). This Easter weekend has been hectic and I have decided to use that as my excuse this time!

Day 85

Saturday was a day full of errands and family. It does not get much better than that in the Napton household. One of the said errands was to check if I had strep throat (spoiler alert: I don’t), but the doctor said that what I might be “suffering” from is another case of mono.

Knowing my luck I was sure that it was going to be mono (yes, I know that it’s rare for mono to reoccur but if you know me at all, you know my luck isn’t always super stellar). But I really did not want to take that blood test. It freaks me out to get my finger pricked (yes, I do realize that it’s no big deal) and see my blood pooling out. But I had to face this fear to try and give a name to the sick I felt.

Fast-forward to five minutes after the doctor started the mono test and I find out that I do not have mono. It’s an Easter miracle!

Day 86

Easter Sunday is here! Because I have been sick lately I have not been very hungry. I force myself to eat at least three small meals a day but I never really enjoyed them. Leading up to Easter I was scared I would not be able to enjoy my family’s Easter meal. It does come just once a year!

Luckily I was started on medicine yesterday that is making me feel less dead and also upping my appetite. I suppose this isn’t really a legitimate fear–not being able to enjoy a meal, but the fact that I was able to made me a very happy nugget today.

Happy Easter everybody!

86 days down, 279 to go!


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