365 Days of Fear: Days 90-93

I am so behind on this and pretty much everything else in my life. On the bright side, I have less than a month left of my freshman year at Gustavus! Home stretch…

Day 90

This Thursday marked the beginning of what hopefully becomes a much speedier recovery from my car accident in March. I’m sure you’re all tired of hearing about it, but my back has started getting worse so my doctor had me reach out to a physical therapist.

I did just that and scheduled my first appointment for this Thursday. I was nervous to go and finding an excuse not to go definitely crossed my mind. I was apprehensive at the possibility of this actually helping me.

Long story short (pretty much the theme of every single one of these posts it seems…) I figured out a way there and went through with the appointment. And I am very glad I did! Because it is already helping.

Day 91

On Friday I headed home to surprise my mom for her birthday. The journey home was longer than expected and much more interesting (to say the least). I got a ride to Owatonna (about halfway between GAC and Rochester) and sat with my uncle at a bowling alley with his teacher friends.

I wanted to find somewhere else to go because the thought of sitting with a bunch of adult strangers really stressed me out, even more so when I found out my dad was running behind by an hour and a half.

Nonetheless, I persisted through my awkwardness and was able to make it home to surprise my mom. And it was definitely worth it.

Day 92

Saturday was full of many things that made me anxious. My dad and I were attempting to throw my mom a surprise party, but none of that really pushed me out of my comfort zone.

What really made me scared was when my parents suggested I call the tattoo parlor and schedule my appointment. I loathe talking on the phone. The second they suggested it my hands started to get sweaty (one of my tell-tale signs of a lil bit of anxiety). But I really wanted to schedule this appointment!

So I faced that fear and called and it turns out it was better for us to go in and make the appointment anyway!

(May 22 will be the day I face my fear of getting a tattoo! Stay tuned…)

Day 93

Today I drove back to campus for the first time alone since my accident. I got my new car when I met up with my dad and had driven it around Rochester for the weekend, but I was still scared to drive a long distance by myself.

All I could picture the entire ride was spinning out across traffic and getting hit. Or someone crossing over the lane and hitting me head on. You could stay I’m still a little scarred from my accident.

But today was room draw (where we find out where we’re living for the next year) and I was determined to get back on time and to be the one to drive myself there. So I told my driving fears to screw off and went for it.

And I made it back to campus safely, thank God!

93 days down, 272 days to go!


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