365 Days of Fear: Day 96

And the scheduling drama continues. I discovered, today, that I could take a language on campus rather than off-campus (although ALS would be incredibly interesting) and thought that I would register for German.

This process deemed to be much harder than I expected it to be. To take German I have to gain permission from the professor (which does not really make sense to me because it’s the very first level of German, but so be it) and that required an email to the prof. I do not like talking to strangers and people I don’t know (those are synonyms but you get the point) so sending this email kind of freaked me out. Especially because it is the determining factor as to whether or not I will be taking this class! Which is 110% necessary for me.

But I did it, I sent it (with the help of my wonderful advisor, who put up with me for a half an hour today #schedulecrisis) and am awaiting a response. Which, to be honest, kind of stresses me out more than sending the email itself.

But whatever happens, will happen. I hope you all have had a fantastic Wednesday! And that the sun will come out tomorrow…

96 days down, 269 days to go!


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