365 Days of Fear: Day 97

Today was a big milestone (regarding the last three days, that is)! I finally got my schedule for the fall semester nailed down and it feels so good. My anxious self couldn’t take much more uncertainty (lol, am I right).

But today was actually a big milestone in regards to something else. Ever since my accident I have not been able to attend my Digging In class’s field trips to nearby 7 Mile Creek because they involved hiking and going up and down hills and that’s a big no-no for my back. But since I have been in physical therapy my back has been feeling a lot stronger and I felt as though it would beneficial to go on at least one more field trip with the class!

Of course, I was nervous on the ride over (whether it was about how cold it was and how miserable I was going to be, or if it was about my back I will never know) and when my group started walking around the park and I saw hills I got even more stressed out. Every time I walk to and from one of my volunteering spots I have to go up and down a big hill and it kills my back every time. I did not really want to subject myself to more back pain. But I couldn’t exactly say that I needed to turn back (because that would have been #lame).

So I just sucked it up and faced my newfound fear of walking up hills and it did not go too badly. My back is sore but definitely manageable. Here’s to being able to function as a normal human being!

97 days down, 268 to go!


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