365 Days of Fear: Days 98-100

Writing down 100 made me feel so accomplished, but the fact that I missed blogging for four days definitely shot that feeling right on down. What can ya do, life catches up with you! Anyways, let’s do this:

Day 98:

On Saturday I woke up feeling like crud. I was tired and walking down the (appropriately named) death hill did not sound very appealing to me, but I did it anyways. Although this was certainly a struggle, it was not the fear I faced this past Saturday.

My best friend at GAC runs on the track team, and they had a home meet on Saturday! Very exciting, right? Yes, although I did not have anyone concrete to go with a little earlier (because I love watching track meets) and this stressed me out. I like having plans figured out more than one hour in advance. It’s just my makeup, I suppose.

But on Saturday I decided to let it slide and face my fear of uncertainty and let it slide. And by doing so I was still able to enjoy the track meet while hanging out with multiple people.

Who woulda thunk?

Day 99:

Sunday was low-key. Just how I like it. But there definitely was a fear to be faced, although I did not know that it would come up until the moment it occurred.

I am not a big fan of change. Anyone who knows me knows this. I like my schedule and I like knowing things for sure. Anything that is up in the air makes me incredibly anxious. Although I do not like this behavior, it is the reality I have to live with.

On Sunday my best friend invited me to hang out with her and one of her new-ish friends from the track team. At first, I was apprehensive and tempted to use exhaustion as an excuse, but I realized that I was missing a chance to get to know someone important to one of my favorite people.

So I sucked it up and accepted the invitation and had a pretty good time (although my awkward tendencies are always up for improvement…).

Moral of the story: don’t pass up an opportunity to hang out with the people you love just because you’re uncertain of different dynamics. You will be surprised at how much you enjoy yourself.

Day 100:

Holy cannoli Batman!!!! How am I already on day 100?! I’m already almost a third of the way done, this is freaking insane. Today I faced a fear that many of you will probably find odd. I sat on the floor.

Ever since my accident, as many of you know, my back has been pretty messed up. And, to be honest, I didn’t exactly think through my actions when deciding to join the class on the floor today. But as I was sitting there and could feel my back starting to tense up I decided to tough it out. The pain I was feeling scared me, but I was determined to stop letting my accident restrict me from doing everyday things.

Although this may not have been my best idea per say, I am proud to say I sat on the floor for an hour.

100 days down, 265 to go!



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