365 Days of Fear: Days 101-102

I’m only one day behind rather than four! I am thoroughly surprised with myself. College is surprisingly quiet academically right now and I’m very suspicious of that…

Anyways, enough about my lack of homework (why am I even complaining?) let’s get into it:

Day 101:

Yesterday was my third session of physical therapy. I was thoroughly hoping that I would be cleared for physical therapy, but lo and behold I was not. But getting cleared was not the fear I faced for the day.

Instead of my usual physical therapist, I was attending a session with her assistant. If you have been around for at least one post you know that I do not like change. Not in the slightest. I was apprehensive about having a session with someone who did not know the ins and outs of what is going on with my back. But I was not about to be that person who requested a certain doctor and forced everyone to switch things up so I just sucked it up and faced the fear.

And although I was not as big of a fan of the assistant as my regular therapist, it still went well! Bless.

Day 102:

Today was my science course’s last field trip to nearby Seven Mile Creek and my back was sore as can be this morning and just the thought of hiking made my back ache. I was tempted to email my professors and bow out of the field trip, but I knew I would be letting my group down by missing out on our last field trip (we are working on creating signs for the park in groups for our final project) so I just faced my fear. But I made sure to tell my professors I couldn’t do tons of walking, I think my physical therapist would be proud 😉

All in all, the field trip went well and even though my back is currently hurting more than it would have if I would have abstained from any distance of walking I am very glad I went because it was a gorgeous day!

102 days down, 263 to go!


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