365 Days of Fear: Days 103/104

Ahhh, the weekend. It doesn’t get much better than having absolutely no schedule and the ability to sleep in, in college. I have never loved weekends more than during my time at college. That being said, I actually had a fairly eventful weekend that allowed me to face some fears! Yee-haw!

Day 103

Saturdays are weird at college. The dorms are silent (people are sleeping, or watching Netflix, probably), but as soon as everyone wakes up it’s party time, people. This particular Saturday I had to be up earlier than my usual 12:00 pm wake up call for Honors Weekend. Somehow I snuck myself onto the President’s Honors List. Who woulda thunk?

But the fear I faced came later in the day. I was laying on my bed contemplating whether or not a nap or Netflix was my best option for the day when I got an invite to go shopping with a few girls in my section. I was apprehensive because I was/am not super close with one of the girls, but I figured that my fear would go away after a few minutes.

50 dollars of clothing and food later I was proven right! I am taking on a little side challenge (that I may or may not sporadically update you on, but let’s be real I’m a hot mess so I can’t promise anything) that I am going to say yes more often even if I’m scared of what I’m being invited to. Unless it includes hard drugs, pugs not drugs, peeps.

Day 104

Today I conquered a pretty big fear. I drove up to the same stadium that I was on my way home from when I got in my accident at the end of March for the first time today. I was clammy, sweaty, and anxiety-ridden. I honestly had no clue how I was going to make it through that drive (twice, there and back, ugh) without freaking out.

This drive included driving past the exact spot it happened and I did not even want to look out my window, but I did and I survived. That accident created a lot of problems in my life, many of which I am still dealing with to this day and likely will be for a long time, but I can also say it has forced me to grow and become a stronger person. And driving past the accident site made me truly realize that.

104 days down, 261 to go!


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